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What do we do?

We’re one of the early-established CAA-endorsed Drone-Filming Companies, based in the UK.  Our track record, superb footage, and great rates make us one of the go-to companies in the UK.

We specialise in;

  • Drone Filming
  • Close-Quarters Drone-Filming
  • Using Drones instead of Jibs, Cranes, Scaffolding, Dollys, Rails etc.
  • Full Productions using our 4K Broadcast Cameras
  • Time-Lapse Videography


The Entertainment side of TV brings the lighter side of life alive, and we love to add to that by providing you with amazing footage that will add another level to your production.

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Nature and Art

Nature & Art Nature, Art, and Landscape There is nothing more beautiful than the flowing shapes, jagged edges, undulating land that we call ‘home’.  These hills, valleys, and mountains inspire us to take more and more footage, even when we have...
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Films / Movie

Film / Movie Films, and Short Films So, where do you (arguably) find the most passionate creatives?  In film-making, we think, because the imagination is the only limit to the production!  And that’s where we can come in and add another level to a...
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We have previously filmed at various sporting events, both live and staged. Sport in particular requires careful positioning and planning, and that’s where we excel.

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